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My big 3-0 holidays - New York City

24th July 2010

I love NYC!!  The city definitely lives up to its name, the city that never stops really doesn't stop!! 24-hr metro systems, restaurants and shops even in residential areas.  New York City has pretty much everything you can think of: big city lights, Broadway musicals, shops, shops and more shops, Central Park - an oasis in the middle of Manhattan, it's just amazing!!  

Stayed in a residential area in the Upper West Side just to get a feel of living here and I must admit, I am sold!  That was until a guy I met in the metro told me that it's snows here in winter - okay sorry NYC, you're off the list of my next city of abode...if you know me, you'll know how much I hate the cold and prefer 32deg over thick coats any day!  :)

Saw 3 Broadways musicals -

Memphis: Tony Awards for Best Musical 2010 & was recommended by a couple I met in San Fran.  It was very very good & emotional too.

Addams Family: Hilarious comedy, loved the Addams Family when I was younger & so nice to see it brought to life on stage

Lion King: Superb props!  Loved Timon & Pumba's motto of Hakuna Matta when I was a teen & realised during the show that I am now living in a country where "No Worries" is the most common phrase used!

Went on the SATC & Gossip Girl tours - so cheesy but fun to see all the familiar locations around town.  Shopping is amazing...when I entered the Tiffany & Co building - speechless!!

Went to famous Carnegie Deli and was gobsmacked at the size of the pastrami sandwich - just ridiculous!  But no I didn't order it, had the matzoh balls instead which were good.  A new friend took me to the Peanut Butter & Co sandwich shop which is so cute & a must go for peanut butter fans.  Also had Gray's Papaya hot dogs almost every day haha!, H&H Bagels, Junior's cheesecake - so much to try, not enough meals in the day to try them all!!  I admit that I didn't see too much of the nightlife being a first time solo traveler, I didn't dare venture out to the fancy restaurants & bars on my own.  But I did shop at the Forever 21 store on Times Square till 2am after a show hahaha!!

Too many things to say about this city and by far its the best city of my trip...I'll be back, I promise!! xx 

Hotel:  Imperial Court Hotel, Upper West Side

Upgraded from a single room to a double with ensuite because I just couldn't stand the mouldy walls and shared bathroom of the single room
Hole in the wall air cond so expect noise
Coin laundry
Close to restaurants and shops
Apparently quite good standards for the price I paid so can't complain I guess

Times Square Ball
I can spend a whole day at Central Park
Ms Liberty as seen from the free Staten Island ferry
So cute  :)


Made from jelly beans
Lego shop

Lego shop
You'd recognise this if you're a Gossip Girl fan  ;)
I can see Chief Wiggum from the Simpsons driving this lil car hehe..

Tiles made by kids in memory of 9/11

Local game

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