Friday, 26 August 2011

My big 3-0 holidays - Las Vegas

15th July 2010

What happens in Vegas....stays in Vegas! - 'nuff said!!  ;)

I have to admit.. I love Vegas, its so out there, tacky and glam at the same time but everyone is there to have a good time so it caters to all from the working class Americans to foreign tourists, right up to the rich and famous.  Families with young kids, hens & bucks nights, newly weds, newly divorced (!)...solo travelers are a bit rare though lol! 

Love people watching and just having the freedom & flexibility to wander around on my own, doing whatever I feel like without having to wait around for people - I can definitely get used to this way of traveling!  :)

Watched 3 shows while I was there.. a Vegas cabaret, a water themed Cirque Du Soleil show - that was soooooooo cool! and last but not least, one of my favourites from the 80s - David Copperfield!!  His magic tricks are still good after all these years and he's funnier in real life, compared to the cool persona on TV.

Took a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon which landed on the canyon itself and we got off to take pics and have some champers.  The other people in the same flight with me went on to another tour, so I got a ride back with the pilot just like a personal tour!  He said that a 4br house in Vegas cost only about $250k, what a bargain!!!  And cost of living is surprisingly cheap...Hmmmm... I'm sure all those casinos would need accountants hey?!  ;)

Hotel: Harrah's Las Vegas
70's deco, large rooms, older crowd
Piano Bar downstairs is a lot of fun, 2 pianos and nightly play offs

Just a normal day on The Strip
MGM Lion
Inside a shopping mall

One of Hugh's exes
Grand Canyon
Hoover Dam

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