Sunday, 28 August 2011

My big 3-0 holidays - Los Angeles

17th July 2010

LA is exactly as you'd see on TV!  I'm serious... LA/Hollywood/BeverlyHills are exactly as you'd see on TV, it's quite surreal to be in the midst of it... the landmarks, the rich & their extravagant lifestyle, the pretentiousness, the tall & beautiful shop assistants - some who can't be bothered to greet you as you don't look like you can afford their stuff and some who are extremely nice as they get a huge commission on your sales - go figure!

Few notable things encountered in LA:
  • burst hydrant that spewed water high up in the air (see pic)
  • massive traffic jam due to 9-car pile up on the freeway
  • Rihanna's concert being advertised in only a small 2x4 ad in the papers! stars are expected to perform in LA so no biggie if someone famous is having a concert. 
  • Rodeo Drive looks pristine white for some reason
  • lady shopping up big in Rodeo Drive while her husband waits patiently to pay (last we saw, the cash register was clocking up >US$3,000 and it was still going when we left!)
  • the hydrants in Beverly Hills are painted silver to differentiate the posh area from anywhere else; and there are separate garbage truck lanes in between the houses so the garbos won't look out of place on the clean, wide streets of Beverly Hills!
  • the Grammy Museum is a must go for music fans
  • musicians/actors really do need a day job while waiting for their big break.  kinda proves to me that not many people get to earn big bucks working for their passion; you either work for the money or for the love of it.

I had a great time catching up with my primary school friend whom I haven't seen in over 15 years and was really kind of her to take me around LA as you can't go very far without a car here....note to self for my next trip!

Hotel:  Hollywood Hotel

Larger than expected rooms
Coin laundry
Includes buffet brekkie
Close to a metro station

Poor guys trying to fix the mess
Griffith Observatory

The famous sign
The Grove at Farmers Market

The official end of Route 66 - a myth?  Some say the sign was erected for convenience (read: monetary) sake

Cute menu at Bubba Gump restaurant
Sadly, we went past this bakery after a massive meal and can't fit anything else in, even the dessert stomach was full by then!

OMG Beiber is in town!  Note the queue was at 2pm & his concert starts at 7pm....okaayyyy....
I really enjoyed visiting the Grammy Museum - love the history of music and the Michael Jackson exhibit
I never knew Staples is an office supplies chain like Officeworks till I came to the States - duh!!

....and yes he did come back, as the Governator  ;)

My man, Bruce

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