Sunday, 28 August 2011

My big 3-0 holidays - Houston

21st July 2010

"Houston, we have a problem......"

Houston Space Centre was so cool!!! 

Yes, I am super nerdy and spent the whole afternoon at the Space Centre, learning about the space programs, how astronauts eat, pee & sleep in space.  The spacecraft on display is huge - see pic of me next to it.

EVERYONE drives in Houston, okay maybe not everyone but you get the gist... they also drive massively big cars on massively wide roads.  I walked from the hotel to catch a bus to the Space Centre and was pretty much the only person on the street who is not a bum - very strange indeed!  Also no one else was on the bus all the way to the Space Centre - it stopped at a few train stations that had adjacent car parks for a few people to get off.   

By the way, the main reason I'm in Houston is to meet up with my cousin who now lives in Houston with her hubby and 3 cheeky dogs  :)

Overall a very relaxing few days in Houston & I am now hooked on the Food and Cooking channels on cable tv!  

Hotel:  Club Quarters

Business hotel so had all the professional touches - free internet, printing
Free water fountain with empty bottles for you to DIY, kinda cute
Hotel bar had pretty good food & friendly bar lady

Need to find out what those rings are

A cheeky invoice for towing the Apollo 13 - can be funny too!  ;)



  1. Ive been in and out of Houston so many times, and Ive never been down to the Space Ctr... I should really make more of an effort... haha ... my next trip back there la...


  2. You'll like it if you're a nerd like me haha!