Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog!  I decided to set up this blog to share what I love in life - travels, food, my family & friends and a good lychee martini!  You will get to read my travel notes, pics and random musings on my life in Sydney, Australia.  I am currently taking a break from work, hence the time I have on my hands to do whatever I want - namely travel, see the world, contemplate on life and what to do for the next 30 odd years before retirement...

It's strange isn't it that we go along our lives with paths set by social expectations - finish high school, finish uni, get a job, do more post grad studies, get a better paying job, meet someone, get married, have kids,  and do a fair bit of whinging along the way!  And as things don't go as planned for most people, we hit a bump along these paths and wake up one day to realise, "Hang on, what am I really doing with my life?!"

That kinda happened to me back in 2009 when work was going through a fair bit of change (something called a merger, which is chaotic to say the least) where a lot of hours were spent without much reward except for it to look good on the CV.  Some people would object to this but hey, it's my blog so I get to say what I want  ;)  Anyway, I also happen to be turning 30 the following year and started to have panic attacks about being 30 and not achieving much in life.  Dramas!!

So I took time off work and went for a round the world trip, which I will share in the posts to follow.  Loved traveling so much that I quit my job a few months back and went exploring again.  Some people think it's a bad idea to quit  a good paying job for some fun.  But it isn't just a bit of fun, it is time used to see what life is like in other parts of the world, what people struggle with and how they overcome it.  Really puts into perspective how good life is in Australia and makes me appreciate the opportunities I have had and will have in the future.  These experiences have also allowed me to recognise the true friends from the many acquaintances I met over the years.  Fortunately for me, I also met a bunch of like minded people during my travels and hey, one can never have too many good laughs over karaoke & Cranium!  ;)

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and have a chance to sample a really good lychee martini one day!  :)

Lychee xxx

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